A British Bakery Threw Its 65-Year-Old Sourdough Starter a Birthday Party

Yeast is already a living organism, so technically speaking, you didn’t provide your sourdough starter “life.” But after days of supporting a starter, enabling the yeast to multiply and grow into a bubbling animal, it certainly feels that method. So when your starter has a year or two under its belt, is it incorrect to throw it a birthday celebration? A pastry shop in England sure does not think so.
On Friday, Hobbs House Bakery– which has five areas around the Cotswolds area– released a celebratory Instagram post for its sourdough starter’s 65th birthday, featuring a birthday card, celebration hats, and even two cupcakes– one with a six candle light and one with a 5. “Our Sourdough Starter has turn a remarkable 65 years old!” the pastry shop began. “Unlike the majority of she will not be retiring at this age, she will be working for many more years to come increasing a limitless quantity of stunning loaves.”
Speaking to the Metro, Alice Drake– the baker’s marketing executive– more discussed the value of the starter, which originally was brought to England from Germany in 1955 and talented to a baker at Hobbs House, which itself has been around for 5 generations going back to the 1920s.
Sourdough homemade baking copy space.
” We like to call our sourdough starter the hardest operating worker in the bakery, such an essential member of personnel deserves a fitting event for her birthday each June,” Drake informed the paper. “Over the last few weeks it has been excellent to see such a huge increase in demand for sourdough baking, we have delivered numerous jars of our sourdough starter across the nation to budding home bakers. We enjoy the idea that numerous countless loaves have been delighted in up and down the country all baked with our edible heritage, to become a custodian of this is priceless.”

Guinness World Records doesn’t appear to have a listing for oldest sourdough starter, but in 2001, Wyoming’s Casper Star-Tribune chose that a then-122-year-old starter kept alive by then-83-year-old Lucille Dumbrill was deserving of protection– hypothesizing that “possibly” hers was worthy of the record. On a professional level, San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery declares it’s been utilizing the same sourdough starter since it opened in 1849, making the bakeshop’s “mother dough” 171-years-young.

Regardless, if you have gotten a sourdough starter going throughout the quarantine, possibly put a tip in your calendar for its one-year anniversary. Even if you don’t throw it a birthday, at least, when it occurs next spring, you can take a moment to assess all the good times you had together.

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