How to Build the Perfect Case of Wine, According to an Expert

The majority of us purchase white wine off the cuff.We grab a bottle or two at the shop when we’re buying groceries or en route home from work; possibly we check out a winery on a weekend and bring home a few bottles we particularly enjoyed. Totally fine. Here’s a various approach: Create a case of wine (12 bottles) that lives in your home, is restocked as needed, and can cover any white wine contingency you may have– weekday dinners, unique occasions, buddies coming over, you call it. You’ll never ever have to worry and hurry out at the last minute because you forgot the red wine (terrible fate!). Plus, a minimum of at first, you’ll take advantage of the truth that many stores offer discounts on full cases, often as much as 15%.
Of course, if you dislike gleaming white wine and love rosé, simply adjust the numbers up or down. And remember: When saving red wine, temperature level is key. The best place is a white wine refrigerator or a cool cellar.
illustration of a case of wine
3 Bottles of Everyday Red
Just desire a good glass of red white wine? You’ll move through these bottles routinely, so keep numerous on hand. If you like robust reds, the nonvintage Marietta Old Vine Red ($ 15) is a perennial steal.
3 Bottles of Everyday White
A daily white is precisely that: a Wednesday night, work-wore-me-out bottle you can open without believing. For some, that’s a Pinot Grigio; for some, a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc– your option. The crisp 2020 Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc ($ 18) is a strong contender.

1 Bottle of Everyday Sparkling
Bubbles just make life better (proven clinical reality), and having bubbles on hand that you can delight in without worrying about the expense, even more so. Worth for money, it’s tough to beat Cava, the champagne of Spain. The 2019 Naveran Cava Brut ($ 20) is a terrific choice.

1 Bottle of Special-Occasion White
Periodically, you need to impress someone, even if it’s just yourself. White Burgundies can be among the best gewurztraminers. (Plus, they age well, so no requirement to rush into popping the cork.) Look for the layered 2018 Joseph Drouhin Côte de Beaune Blanc ($ 60).
1 Bottle of Pricey Sparkling
When an unique celebration does come along, Champagne– the genuine stuff– is the response. Do not go to the store day-of; rather, keep at least one bottle of something superb, like the nonvintage Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut ($ 79), in your stash.

1 Bottle of Dessert Wine
Every now and then, a glass of excellent sweet white wine is the outright ideal thing for the minute, which almost never ever coincides with having any in the house. Repair this. Vin santo from Italy, like the 2007 Castello di Monsanto La Chimera ($ 50), is one to relish late into the night.

1 Bottle of Good Rosé
Have one on hand for the pal coming by who simply loves-loves-loves rosé. However not all rosé is developed equivalent, so invest a little (not a lot) on a top manufacturer from Provence. The 2020 Château Minuty M de Minuty ($ 23) won’t disappoint.

1 Bottle of Special-Occasion Red
When the boss abruptly welcomes him- or herself over, or you left out the one vital thing (red wine) when shopping before a special dinner celebration, having a spare bottle of top-flight red on hand is a lifesaver. Why not a Bordeaux, like the luscious tobacco-scented 2018 Château Bourgneuf ($65) from Pomerol?

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