How to Make a Dip Out of Anything

I open a can of Great Northern or other white beans to include to a food processor or mixer, plus a splash of liquid from the can, along with a clove of garlic and a healthy pinch of kosher salt. I pulse it into a puree, then drizzle in olive oil while the maker is running, adding enough for it to reach creamy, scoopable consistency. After a fast taste and modification of adding more salt or herbs, it’s all set to be spooned into a bowl and served with crackers, raw veggies, or potato chips– in less than five minutes, I have an appetiser.

I don’t keep in mind how and when white bean dip entered into my life, but because it’s entered into my rotation, I try to keep a can of white beans on hand so it’s constantly a possibility, however I’ve discovered that this formula can be used to all sort of components. Here’s how.

Strike up your kitchen
My white bean dip can quickly be a red bean dip or a black bean dip rather– merely swap in the very same quantity of beans. Canned chickpeas, black-eyed peas, or cooked lentils work here too.
Easy 10 Minute Snacks
Raid the freezer
I thaw them under hot running water and add about two cups to a food processor along with a handful of chopped fresh herbs like mint and basil, a glug of olive oil, and a pinch of kosher salt. I’ll puree those together, then spoon the dip into a bowl and top it with a few pieces of fallen apart feta to serve with pita chips, cucumber slices, and carrots.
Reassess your leftovers
One afternoon, while looking through my refrigerator for snacking choices, I stumbled upon a container of remaining grilled zucchini and carrots, and recognized they were ideal as the base for a dip. I put about two cups of sliced grilled zucchini in a food processor along with a couple of garlic cloves and some roughly chopped herbs. It turned into one of my preferred methods to repurpose grilled vegetables (and in cooler months, roasted veggies work nicely, too).
Include an extra touch
I’ve been speaking about the ease of simply pureeing beans, beans, and vegetables to utilize for a dip, but there are lots of methods to individualize these dips. Add a teaspoon of chipotle pepper puree, harissa, or Calabrian chiles while pureeing the dip. Or, drizzle olive oil on top, then raid your spice cabinet and spray za’atar, everything bagel spice, pimentón, or panch poran on top and go. It’s a final touch for a simple dip that begins the night with style.

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