How to Make Laminated Dough for Croissants, Step by Step

This yeasted All-Butter Croissant Dough can be utilized as a foundation for all sort of pastries, from the conventional, like Classic Croissants and Pain au Chocolat, to more special, like a Braided Croissant Loaf or Miso-Caramel Apple Danishes. No matter the pastry, the key to distinct, crispy layers is keeping the dough, and the butter block framed within it, cold. A bench scraper is a helpful tool here– its large, flat edge makes it perfect for shaping and moving the butter block without subjecting it to the heat of your hands.

Here, we’ll reveal you step by step how to make your own laminated dough For specific component amounts, please have a look at the dish itself.

Action 1: Make the base dough.
Start out by making the yeasted dough that forms the foundation for this laminated dough. Forming dough into a flat ball; place on a gently floured large plate.
Action 2: Shape the butter.
Utilizing a rolling pin, pound butter to flatten and soften slightly. Eliminating and changing parchment as needed, utilize a bench scraper and a rolling pin to form the butter into a 7 1/2- inch square block of even density.
How To Make All Butter Croissant Dough
Action 3: Place butter block on dough.
Unwrap the chilled croissant dough and transfer to a lightly floured surface area. Gently flour the top of the dough. Roll into a 12-inch square; brush off excess flour. Get rid of the top sheet of parchment paper from the butter block. Utilizing the bottom sheet of parchment paper as manages and turning the butter block 45 degrees, flip the butter onto the middle of the dough square. (Butter will remain in a diamond shape, leaving the corners of the dough square exposed.) Remove the parchment paper.

Step 4: Roll out dough corners
Utilizing a rolling pin and starting at the edge of the butter block, roll each dough corner away from the center up until it is 8 inches long (about 1/16-inch thick), flouring as needed. Brush off excess flour.
Step 5: Cover butter block with a corner of dough
Fold one lengthened dough corner up and over the butter block, extending gently into a square to completely cover the butter.

Action 6: Finish covering butter block with corners of dough
Repeat with remaining dough corners, creating four layers of thinly stretched dough covering the butter block.

Step 7: Use rolling pin to assist distribute butter
Gently flour your work surface area if needed. Press a rolling pin throughout the dough to produce trenches, uniformly distributing the butter. Roll the dough into a smooth 24- x 12-inch rectangle.
Step 8: Fold, roll, and repeat
Beginning with one short side, fold the dough into thirds, like a letter. Transfer to a lightly floured baking sheet. Cover firmly with plastic wrap and refrigerate up until firm, about 45 minutes. Repeat the rolling, folding, and chilling process two times. Proceed with making Classic Croissants– or go for Pain au Chocolat, Braided Croissant Loaf, or Miso-Caramel Apple Danishes.

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