How to Use Leftover Beer in the Kitchen

Whenever I throw a party, specifically in the summertime, I’m entrusted to a great deal of beer that I don’t want. Even if I haven’t had people over just recently, there’s often a roaming can of PBR sticking around in the back of my fridge, waiting to be opened on a day that might never ever come. When I do pop open a beer, I don’t necessarily constantly want to complete it; perhaps it’s a weeknight and I can’t dedicate to an entire beverage. Possibly it’s my third beer and I decide I don’t want to finish the bottle. Whatever the case, there are inevitably days when I discover myself sadly putting the latter half of a brewski down the drain. While a few of you may be aghast, I’m positive that even the most passionate of beer drinkers leaves something leftover occasionally. If you ever discover yourself with half of a leftover lager, some old cans in your fridge that nobody appears to ever want, or you ‘d similar to attempt cooking with beer more often, there are a great deal of ways you can use beer in the cooking area. Here’s why it’s worth popping open a can or bottle for your next homemade meal.
Beer can infuse food with hoppy, malty, and acidic tastes
We often think of red wine or liquor when whipping up a flavorful sauce (hey there pasta alla vodka), but beer also works well for particular sauces. Making a pan sauce for sautéed chicken or pork? Alternative beer for the red wine; it will deglaze the pan like wine, and add comparable but slightly more muted acidic notes. You can tailor the beer you utilize to the taste you want in your sauce– attempt a lager for a lighter pan sauce along the lines of one made with gewurztraminer, or use a stout for something more bitter and robust. I’ve even replaced the gewurztraminer called for in a risotto with beer, and the finished dish had a somewhat more nutty, earthy flavor. And naturally I ‘d be remiss to discuss benefiting from the taste of beer without discussing the classic mix of Beer and Cheddar Cheese Soup. If you’re yearning something cozy throughout the cooler months, work up some hearty beef stew with beer instead of stock; it’s a timeless relocation in Belgian cooking.

A person prepares a batter with leftover beer
Use beer as a cooking liquid for braising, steaming, and more
The next time you’re making a marinade, try including some beer! Similar to other liquids utilized to marinade, soaking in beer will help guarantee your food remains moist as it cooks– and it consists of enzymes that can help tenderize meat. Or you can use beer to in fact cook your ingredients. Seafood pairs well with the crisp, light tastes of a lager, so attempt steaming shrimp, clams, or mussels in beer, like Tyler Florence. Beer also works well as a braising liquid; it’ll include fragrant notes to whatever you’re cooking, and the level of acidity will make the meat fall-apart tender. The German and Alsatian versions of the timeless meal coq au vin really often require malty brown ale rather of red wine. If a braising dish requires gewurztraminer and you do not have any on hand, you can quickly make it with the last two cans from a six-pack of Miller Light instead.
Beer can create light, airy fried foods and baked goods
The bubbles in beer make it a great ingredient to utilize in batters. Harness the bubbles of beer by including it to a loaf of quick bread, where it’ll help keep the crumb light and airy.

Freeze remaining beer for future cooking
If you discover yourself with an open beer can that you can’t finish, however you’re not ready to cook with it that day, just freeze it. Beer that’s been frozen isn’t excellent for drinking, but it will work just great for cooking. While you can’t freeze whole cans of beer (spoiler: they’ll explode), you can put it into an ice cube tray without a lid, which will give it room to broaden a little. Beer will lose its carbonation as it freezes, so I wouldn’t advise utilizing frozen beer in a batter, but you can certainly toss a few frozen cubes into a frying pan to make a pan sauce. With a freezer filled with beer cubes and an arsenal of recipes at the ready, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of the taste and fizz of this timeless beverage at any time.

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