Make a Fresh Hot Sauce Each Season

All of us have that bottle of industrial-produced hot sauce that’s suffering on the door of our refrigerator, in some cases for several years. And while there’s absolutely nothing especially wrong with this hot sauce, there’s also nothing especially interesting, either. Too often, business hot sauces have fire but no fervor; heat without any heart. As an engaging option, enter seasonal homemade hot sauce; a condiment that sings, slaps and soars with depth and intrigue. A homemade hot sauce makes meals, treats and marinades more memorable and more alive. The dynamism of these homemade hot-sauces are compounded due to the fact that the highly-of-the minute freshness of the fruit and vegetables provides a multiplicative result of flavor, one that remains vibrant and affecting. The climbing heat of the chiles thread their power through each seasonally based sauce, thoroughly asserting its force so as not to overpower the presence of the other ingredients. The outcome is a dressing that offers cooking with seasonal vegetables and fruit more altitude and depth, even when it’s utilized in the smallest step.

Seasonal Hot Sauces

In this hot sauce, the brightness of green apple and the clean, mineral breeze of celery hooks itself around the mild, grassy spike of jalapeƱo. Since this sauce uses a cool, simple heat– rather than a penalizing heat– it can likewise double as dipping sauce

Summertime: Tomato, Peach, and Habanero
The gale-force heat of the habanero is tamed– albeit slightly– by the cushiony sweet taste of the peach and the calm, rejuvenating notes of fresh mint leaves. The soft acidity of tomatoes develops a richer and rounder hot-sauce that must be used carefully as a finishing touch to grilled meats but might be doled out more generously in a base for a marinade.

Fall: Carrot, Pear, and Poblano Hot Sauce
In this autumnal hot sauce, both raw and roasted poblanos ensures a carefully spiky outcome that does not fade or lose momentum, even in the face of other components. The smoky roasted chiles lean into the natural earthiness of the carrots, while the fresh pear– which stays impressively ever-present– brings out the sweet taste in each active ingredient. This sauce can be tossed on root vegetables before roasting, or simmered into a stew.

Winter season: Fennel, Meyer Lemon, and Serrano Hot Sauce
Serrano peppers are native to the mountainous areas of Mexico (the name translates to sierra) and their intense, grassy bite blends with the creamy tang of Dijon mustard, the licorice-laced sweetness of fennel and the verve of citrus and gewurztraminer vinegar to produce a combined hot sauce with some unexpected contrast. This hot sauce has both reach and variety and is a welcome completing touch to abundant stews and braises.

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