The Best Doughnuts in Every State

Since the 1950s, Congdon’s Doughnuts has been a fixture in the town of Wells, which isn’t so much a town as it is a collection of timeless New England beach sprawl, expanded along the Post Road in between charming Ogunquit and the stiff upper lip Kennebunks. When I relocated, I had an ideal view of the drive-thru, by now the preferred pick-up approach. I rapidly found out the schedule, and Thursdays became my preferred day of the week. I ‘d get up while it was still dark out to see the cars waiting patiently, silently, on the first morning back after the store’s weekly break. At a time when Maine was lastly experiencing the complete weight of the pandemic, something so benign as a line of cars at a drive-thru, seen from the windows of my four-season porch, felt common, shared.

I had not hated Mondays given that my school years, now they meant one, 2, three days of no doughnuts, no occasional spice-scented waft on the breeze, no positive energy of people expecting nice things, due to the fact that when doughnuts are literally just around the corner, and you’re comfortable and safe in your vehicle, who would not be feeling good?
Assorted doughnuts from The Salty Donut
There have been a lot of doughnut temptations for many years, numerous little obsessions, going all the method back to proper Boston creams and frothy hot chocolate at horseshoe-shaped counters with the spinning-top stools in New York City, cider doughnuts on the farm all over Hudson Valley and New England, malasadas in Honolulu and Fall River, too, beignets in Baton Rouge, pre-trend croissant doughnuts in time-capsule Midwestern bakeshops, biscuit doughnuts in the Deep South, and now, huge, brioche dough charms all over.
The American doughnut is as differed as we are, and there’s almost no corner of the country that hasn’t been hooked for generations or failed to put its own stamp on the category. This list of the very best doughnuts in America is, reasonable caution, extremely personal, assembled after a number of years of doughnut consuming in the name of research study. Pull up a chair, and let’s do some traveling.

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