Where to Buy the Best King Cakes for Mardi Gras

With apologies to Flannery O’Connor, a great king cake is hard to find, unless you occur to be in Southern Louisiana or parts of Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama during Carnival season between January and February. But think me, you wish to discover one.

A standard New Orleans-style king cake is a ring of cinnamon-laced brioche dough topped with a glaze and sparkly sanding sugar in the colors of Mardi Gras: gold, green, and purple. Famously, king cakes consist of a little plastic baby, or in some cases other ceramic or plastic ornaments, inside. If you get the piece with the ornament within, so the tradition goes, it’s your task to host the Mardi Gras party next year. I’ve never seen anybody in fact held to this guideline, and the sheer level of king cake usage during Carnival time means that odds of you getting the child at least when is quite high.

Lots of pastry shops have their own variations of the reward, consisting of James Beard winner Dong Phuong, whose king cake got so popular in years past that it inspired a wave of king cake scalpers. Outside of Louisiana and Louisiana-adjacent states, your best bet for finding a king cake is purchasing one to be shipped to you by mail, a service that, thankfully, lots of bakeshops offer.
Bywater Bakery
Together with standard choices, Bywater bakeshop uses a king cake packed with azul dulce, regional delicate Louisiana blueberries cooked down to a tangy and sweet jam.
New Orleans King Cake
Manny Randazzo
One of the king cake stalwarts, Manny Randazzo King Cakes sells three kinds of king cake for shipping: a standard medium-sized cake that serves about 22 to 24, another medium-sized king cake with cream cheese filling, and an additional big king cake that provides to 48 slices. All of them feature over night shipping.

A New Orleans bakery that has been dishing out king cake given that 1949, Gambino’s offers shipping of several kinds of King Cake through Goldbelly. Their conventional king cake kit features gold, green, and purple sanding sugars on the side, so you can decorate the cake when it comes to your door.

Keller’s Bakery.
A favorite of Dotdash Meredith food eCommerce editor Katie Macdonald, a Louisiana native, Keller’s has been a Lafayette institution given that 1929. You can buy king cake from them in any of their flavors, including cinnamon butter, strawberry cream cheese, butter pecan, blueberry cream cheese, cream cheese pecan, and amaretto walnut. You can even order a King Cake that’s one-half one taste, and half another.
Lilah’s King Cakes.
Another terrific king cake alternative that’s not in New Orleans appropriate, Lilah’s King Cakes in Shreveport, Louisiana makes 23 varieties of king cake, including a taste of the week.

A New Orleans bakeshop that inspires strong commitment in its fans, Haydel’s deals a number of kinds of king cake for shipment, including the very popular praline pecan that includes next day shipping. They’ll likewise deliver a lots mini king cakes if you ‘d choose a more individual pan pizza ambiance to your king cake experience.

Paul’s Pastry.
Found in Picayune, Mississippi, Paul’s Pastry is among the couple of stores that will deliver you a king cake all year long, just in case you’re feeling that Mardi Gras does not last long enough. Their cakes include a range of fillings, consisting of apple, raspberry, lemon, and peach, and come with the icing and embellishing sugar packaged independently so you can do your own embellishing and not stress over the glaze getting smeared en path.

Cartozzo’s Bakery.
A F&W favorite out of Kenner, Louisiana that likewise ships king cake year-round, Cartozzo’s cake is moist, flaky, and has the best quantity of cinnamon. A strong king cake through-and-through.

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